Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Fathers Day means a lot to me now. Don't get me wrong, it always did. But now it's just different. I always celebrated it because I have a great dad. I mean the dude couldn't be any cooler. I have nothing but awesome memories of doing random things with my dad. It seemed that no matter what we were doing we were having a blast. Going camping? Always fun. Going to the dump? PARTY TIME.

Now that I have a little fella to create memories with I am on a mission to make sure that no matter what we are doing it will always be fun. When he's all grown up I want him to be able to look back on his time spent with me and smile. The same way I smile when I think of hanging out with my dad.

My little dude is obsessed with trains. Wanna take the Sounder up to Seattle to catch a Mariners game?

Passing time on the train with Angry Birds
Fathers Day 2011-1

This happy go lucky traitor was lucky I was with the fam.
(Mariners were playing the Phillies. I'll shank him later)
Fathers Day 2011-2

'Lil buddy checkin' out the view
Fathers Day 2011-3

Yes, he does get sick of me taking his picture.
Fathers Day 2011-4

Homie and Mom on the lookout for hobos.
Fathers Day 2011-5

We walked up to the top of the stadium to check out the view. Becky bought us GREAT seats on the third base line by the way. (thanks darlin <3)
Fathers Day 2011-6

Lil guy looks right at home here. We'll be back often.
Fathers Day 2011-7

My best buddy and me. And popcorn.
Fathers Day 2011-8

Mariners played great. Allowed no runs.
Fathers Day 2011-9

Ichiro getting on base and starting the rally which would win the game.
Fathers Day 2011-10

...on to second base and later to cross home.
Fathers Day 2011-11

We had an absolute blast, and are already planning another trip!

Fathers Day 2011-12

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tacoma Nature Center

Today we took the lil dude to the Tacoma Nature Center. Very cool place, and another great outdoor adventure.

I'll be going back to steal this fella later.


Home skillet making a run for it.


Crazy reflections off the 'lil lake.


Crap there he goes again.


Lookin' for wildlife.


Here I go again on my own.


Walkin' down the only road I've ever known.


Sensing a Whitesnake song, the ants went into attack mode.


"I get it Steve, you take pictures. Now move it".



Grilled some fancy ka-bobs for dinner.


Perfect Friday


Teriyaki Chicken. You want it. We made it.


Dash Point State Park

We took 'lil homie to Dash Point for his first visit. He seemed to enjoy himself.
Dude can have fun anywhere to be honest.




Pay no attention to the look on his face. Still having fun.



Beautiful weather. FINALLY.





Been a while...

Been a lil busy, let's get caught up.

Lucy tried out a new fashion accessory.


She looks pleased.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I like food.
I like making it, eating it, looking at it. Whatever.
Got a panini press.

caprese panini-1

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Went to Cannon Beach for a little vacation. Enjoy the pics.

Cannon Beach-1

Cannon Beach-2

Cannon Beach-3

Cannon Beach-4

Cannon Beach-5

Cannon Beach-6

Cannon Beach-7

Cannon Beach-8

Cannon Beach-9

Cannon Beach-10

Cannon Beach-11

Cannon Beach-12

Cannon Beach-13

Cannon Beach-14

Cannon Beach-15

Cannon Beach-16

Cannon Beach-18

Cannon Beach-19

Cannon Beach-20

Cannon Beach-21

Cannon Beach-22

Cannon Beach-24

Cannon Beach-25

Cannon Beach-26

Cannon Beach-27

Cannon Beach-28