Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Fathers Day means a lot to me now. Don't get me wrong, it always did. But now it's just different. I always celebrated it because I have a great dad. I mean the dude couldn't be any cooler. I have nothing but awesome memories of doing random things with my dad. It seemed that no matter what we were doing we were having a blast. Going camping? Always fun. Going to the dump? PARTY TIME.

Now that I have a little fella to create memories with I am on a mission to make sure that no matter what we are doing it will always be fun. When he's all grown up I want him to be able to look back on his time spent with me and smile. The same way I smile when I think of hanging out with my dad.

My little dude is obsessed with trains. Wanna take the Sounder up to Seattle to catch a Mariners game?

Passing time on the train with Angry Birds
Fathers Day 2011-1

This happy go lucky traitor was lucky I was with the fam.
(Mariners were playing the Phillies. I'll shank him later)
Fathers Day 2011-2

'Lil buddy checkin' out the view
Fathers Day 2011-3

Yes, he does get sick of me taking his picture.
Fathers Day 2011-4

Homie and Mom on the lookout for hobos.
Fathers Day 2011-5

We walked up to the top of the stadium to check out the view. Becky bought us GREAT seats on the third base line by the way. (thanks darlin <3)
Fathers Day 2011-6

Lil guy looks right at home here. We'll be back often.
Fathers Day 2011-7

My best buddy and me. And popcorn.
Fathers Day 2011-8

Mariners played great. Allowed no runs.
Fathers Day 2011-9

Ichiro getting on base and starting the rally which would win the game.
Fathers Day 2011-10

...on to second base and later to cross home.
Fathers Day 2011-11

We had an absolute blast, and are already planning another trip!

Fathers Day 2011-12

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  1. Love these pictures and love this post. Happy Father's Day!